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    By candraelise
    This is by far my favorite business book thus far. I read at least a book a week, and purely nonfiction, business, or development. Profit first has made a huge impact on my business life so far & I am so so so thankful that I found this gem. I am more confident & excited about my businesses future & no longer dreading and worrying about things to come. Living day by day & stressing. Thank you SO much for this book! I can not recommend it enough.
  • Shake it Up w/ Profit First

    By dluxsolutions
    I have been strategizing my business to push #ProfitFirst through my intentional budgeting plan. I can’t believe 2019 will be my official success celebration in completing this goal!
  • Game Changer

    By gamezjm
    I came across mike michalowicz through Dave Ramsey solutions during our 17th year of business. If you take the time to read the book and apply the principles it will recharge you and your business! I always keep a spare copy of this book in my purse to gift to people I come across who are stressed or struggling with their business. I should also note that I didn’t think we were struggling in our business. I just had no idea how much better it could be!
  • For every business owner- new or 20 years in!

    By DansnDiva2
    This is probably the first business related book I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. The themes make perfect sense to me and are delivered in a way that is easy to understand and execute. I have been employing the principles for a month now and already see a huge difference in the financial aspect of my business.
  • Best book for understanding your business

    By Wendy Rusnell
    In less than a week I have learned and implemented strategies to become profitable in my business for the first time! Can’t wait to see the results a year down the road!
  • LOVE it!

    By Kaytee Lauren
    I have had this book on my to-read list for months. I finally started it and can’t get enough of it. I bought the audio version after hiring Mike on a podcast. Not only is it so much faster to get through, it’s easier to understand and Mike is very animated which makes it fun. I have implemented everything step by step that Mike instructs and feel as if I finally have someone on my side to help me with my business finances with the goal to grow it in the future. I am now able to understand how to be disciplined and manage the income I have, so that I can do bigger and better things with the income to come. Although the book talks a lot to the small companies makes $25 million and under, I have a VERY small business (under $50k) and the principles still apply. I wish more people knew about this way of doing things, because I am surrounded by entrepreneurs just like me who say “I’m hoping to increase my sales, because right now my business takes everything and I have pennies to live on.” This books transforms that way of thinking and helps you understand that it’s not the dollar amount coming in, it’s the what you do with those dollars. Thank you for this book Mike!