The Old Guys - Mike Ryan

The Old Guys

By Mike Ryan

  • Release Date: 2012-03-12
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


The U. S. led coalition won the war in Iraq with few American casualties. But the real war didn't start until after Saddam Hussein's statue fell. Warring factors wreaked havoc, with kidnapped civilians often paying the ultimate price- beheaded rather than released. As the risks are high, convincing Americans to work in Iraq is difficult-but not impossible. An enormous salary provides many takers ... many of them younger in age looking for a fast buck and a lot of excitement. Terminated unexpectedly and desperate, three men and a retired Marine Sergeant well past their prime, old guys who should have been able to enjoy their retirement, take the risk of driving trucks in Iraq alongside men half their age. Unwanted and ridiculed by the more aggressive drivers, their world is a living hell- until it gets even worse. Until they make a decision to take the greatest risk of all: lay down their lives for men who have made their own lives so miserable. This story tells how men from an older generation follow terrorists into Iran to save the lives of the younger men kidnapped in an attack on the trucker camp. To succeed they must withstand unthought-of hardships, face up to their fears, and overcome almost insurmountable obstacles in an attempt to redeem themselves in society and prove their own self worth. This is the story of The Old Guys.