Coming Into Focus - Scott Young

Coming Into Focus

By Scott Young

  • Release Date: 2018-02-17
  • Genre: Adventure


In my first published book, FALLING INTO PLACE readers discovered all my stories take place in the same universe, that they are all connected. As a way of presenting my universe, I used the first book to introduce the darkness or the villainy.<p>COMING INTO FOCUS introduces the protagonists, the various forces that will battle that evil. The "good guys," so to speak. These are the most reluctant of heroes, fighting the good fight out of necessity instead of altruism. You will meet original characters who display friendship, courage, fortitude and determination the likes of which you've never encountered. Of course, with each new story, the evil becomes greater and the odds of our "good guys" winning get smaller.<p>Each one of these stories will show you an aspect of the human experience most people never see: imperfect and troubled people, put in unimaginable situations, struggling to do what's right. As always, they come with twists, turns and unexpected shocks.<p>Come along for the ride with 6 captivating stories. But don't worry, you can enjoy all of them without having read the first book. If you have read the first one, you'll enjoy them even more!