The Duke I'm Going to Marry - Meara Platt

The Duke I'm Going to Marry

By Meara Platt

  • Release Date: 2016-06-02
  • Genre: Historical Romance
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 75 Ratings)


A duke harboring dark secrets and determined never to marry...until he meets the girl his heart won’t ever forget. Enjoy this hilarious, bestselling Regency series. London is never the same once the Farthingales move onto Chipping Way, one of the loveliest streets in Mayfair. With five beautiful daughters in residence, the street has become a trap for unwary bachelors. Who will be next to fall? Daffodil Farthingale, known as Dillie to her friends and family, is horrified to learn the man she has just rescued from ruffians outside the Farthingale townhouse is none other than Ian Markham, the notorious Duke of Edgeware. If the Chipping Way bachelor curse holds true, she’s doomed to marry the wretched rakehell. Dillie wants a man who will love her and be faithful in the marriage. The duke will never do, for he harbors secret torments and has sworn he will never fall in love or marry. When scandal breaks—after all, he does spend a week recovering in her bed—Dillie leaves London, little knowing that the handsome duke has just left town as well. Ian Markham, Duke of Edgeware once shared a kiss with Dillie, an unexpected kiss on a moonlit night when he mistook her for his assignation behind a row of lilac trees. She had been spying on her neighbor’s dinner party. Wrong place, wrong time, but he hasn’t been able to get her out of his heart ever since. Loving her is dangerous, for unknown assailants are out to kill him, and now Dillie has rescued him and put him in her bed to recover. When the ton gossips learn he spent a week in Dillie’s bed - never mind that she wasn’t in it - he knows he must do the honorable thing and marry her. But she has just refused his proposal and run off. With the Farthingale family and his assailants on their trail, Ian suddenly finds himself trapped with Dillie in the same charming inn during a torrential storm. Can Ian overcome his haunted past, and can Dillie ever overcome her mistrust of wind up falling in love? Enjoy the entire series: The Viscount’s Rose A Midsummer’s Kiss Rules for Reforming a Rake My Fair Lily The Duke I’m Going To Marry Earl of Hearts Capturing the Heart of a Cameron